Daisy AnalysisRefreshing Browser - Features - Refresh

The Refreshing Browser can be setup so that the pages in the browser are refreshed in several ways.

The mode is set using a simple control dialog called from the menu :-

  • The refresh URL can either be pasted in, entered directly or set to the current web page. The latter is the simplest way of setting it.

  • A control script is used to get the program to cycle through a script file of pages and commands. This has not been set here and is fully described under Scripts.

  • The refresh period or interval is set as Mins:Secs. Anything less than about ten seconds may actually be counter productive.

  • There are two main methods of refresh. In the first, the page specified in the refresh URL is always used and in the other the current page is used.

  • Note that you can also set the page download to be in background and then swapped to be viewed when the download is complete. This method gives less flicker on the screen.

  • Other actions such as beeping on refresh can also be set.