Daisy AnalysisRefreshing Browser - Features - Toolbar

The Refreshing Browser has a comprehensive toolbar just like Internet Explorer.

Caption and Toolbar

The buttons on the left as as follows :-

  • Open - Used to browse for a web page.

  • Previous - Goes to the previous page in the browser.
  • Next - Goes to the next page in the browser.

  • Stop - Stops the loading of the page.
  • Refresh - Refreshes the current page.
  • Home - Goes to the home page.
  • Find - Searches the Internet with Google.

  • Print - Prints the current page. The program can print pages without background and headings.
  • Go Large - Opens the current page in a new copy of Internet Explorer.

Three buttons on the right are :-

  • Go to Refresh URL - Goes to the refresh URL set into the program.
  • Refresh On and Off - Switches the automatic refresh on and off.
  • Menu - Calls the menu.

The toolbar can be removed by means of a command in the menu.