Daisy AnalysisRefreshing Browser - Features - Scripts

The demonstration of the Refreshing Browser is an example of the program running a sequence of commands contained in a script file.

A control script has been added to the URL/Refresh dialog.

Note the edit button which allows you to edit the control script.

Four commands are shown; a Comment, a StartUrl and two Urls. StartUrl gives the first web page or URL to be shown, whereas Url shows subsequent ones.

Scripts can also be started when the Refreshing Browser is run. The full URL of the script file must be given in as parameters in the start information for the program.

    "C:\Program Files\Daisy Analysis\Daisy2007RB2.exe" http://www.jamesmiller.com/TestScript.txt

Note that Daisy2007RB.exe is the normal version of the program and Daisy2007RB2.exe is the 'NC' or NoCaption version.

The demonstration version of the program is started in this way.

A full list of commands is given under Script Commands.