Daisy AnalysisRefreshing Browser - Features - Control Panel

Remove the toolbar and the caption on the 'NC' version of the Refreshing Browser and you would have no way of stopping or controlling the program, without resorting to the Windows Task Manager.

A simple control panel across the bottom of the program is shown at the right.

  • In this example, a graphic has been used as the control panel.

  • A control panel or a toolbar must be used, otherwise there is no way of controlling the program.

  • On starting the Refreshing Browser, one of the toolbar or control panel will always be shown.

  • Click the control panel and the menu will be shown.

  • This control panel can also be set at the top of the program.

Small square control panels can also be used

  • These can be set into any corner of the screen, although it is recommended that they are set to either the top or bottom left.

  • Typically, these would be set to the background colour of the web page being displayed, so that in fact they are completely hidden.

  • Note the small grey square in the bottom left, which is the control panel set to a size of 10 pixels.

  • The minimum size is determined by the minimum you can physically hit with the mouse! So be careful!

All control panels, where large or small, share the same properties and are controlled by the same dialog called by the Format Control Panel command in the menu.

  • The background colour or image can be set.

  • A small refresh timer can be added to full size control panels.

  • There are six positions for the control panel.

Experiment to get the system you need!