Daisy AnalysisRefreshing Browser - Features - Menu

A menu called either from the toolbar or the control panel is used to control the operation of the program.

It is shown at the right after clicking the control panel in the 'NC' version of the Refreshing Browser.

  • Refresh - Toggles the refreshing of the page on and off.
  • URL/Refresh Details - Sets up the URL to be refreshed.
  • Refresh URL/Web Page - Forces a refresh.
  • Maximum Size - Sets the browser to maximum size.
  • Centre Dialog - Centres the program in the browser.

  • Caption - Toggles the showing of the caption.
  • Toolbar - Shows and hides the toolbar.
  • Address - Shows and hides the address bar in the browser.
  • Status - Shows and hides the status at the bottom of the program.
  • Form Margin - Show and hides a small margin to the program.

  • Control - Shows and hides the control panel.
  • Format Control Panel - Formats the look and position of the control panel.

  • Register - Registers the Refreshing Browser.
  • About Refreshing Browser - Gives details of the version of the program and its registration.

  • Exit - Closes the program.

There are many different modes to the Refreshing Browser. Experiment to get the most of the program.