Dory Previn - Reminiscences

When I bought the CD, (EMI Records - 0 7777 81235 2 1) at Tower Records in Piccadilly, the salesman asked me who Dory was, as they seemed to sell a large number of the CD to the most weird bunch of people; girls of sixteen, old ladies, middle-aged men (that would be me!), ageing hippies etc. Thinking back, the concert at the Donmar was the same; a tremendous broad spectrum of people.

Perhaps, this explains why for an artist, who gets mentioned by many others, such as Tori Amos, as an influence, it is so difficult to get hold of her music. Lets hope that EMI and BGO will have the sense to either release some more or allow some of the more innovative Internet record distributors like Cerberus to carry her music.

Others have sent me some of their own reminiscences and they will be added in the future.

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