Daisy AnalysisSudoku - Features

In no particular the main features of the Daisy Sudoku are as follows :-

  • Simple Interface

    Daisy Sudoku is run like any other Windows program and the numbers or other characters are typed into the grid. All other parameters are controlled by pull-down menus, options or command buttons to the right of the dialog.

  • Nine or Sixteen Rows and Columns

    Daisy Sudoku can handle either the common nine-by-nine format or the sixteen-by-sixteen format used in The Independent on Saturday.

  • Skill Levels

    Daisy Sudoku has six skill levels from a learning mode, through very experienced to one where you have to 'beat the clock'.

    Choose the one best suited to your experience.

  • Help and Pointers

    Daisy Sudoku has a sophisticated help system, which tells you what to do. Solutions are also indicated by colour.

  • Auto-Solve

    Daisy Sudoku has a powerful auto-solve that can complete a puzzle automatically. If an auto-solve results in failure, then you can back it out!

  • Loading and Saving Puzzles

    Daisy Sudoku can load and save puzzles to and from disc. The program automatically detects the size of the loaded puzzle and resets itself if required.

It is anticipated that as more forms of Sudoku are developed, this program will be expanded.