Daisy AnalysisSudoku - Notes

Daisy Sudoku is shown after typing in the fixed numbers for a simple puzzle.

Starting Daisy Sudoku - Click for large

Note :-

  1. Values have been typed in by selecting the cell with the mouse and then typing the number.
  2. You can also move between cells using the cursor keys.
  3. The cells where a solution is possible are highlighted in yellow, with the actual solution in square brackets.
  4. The cell type has been set to User in preparation for adding the solution.
  5. A complete list of all the cells and their values is shown in the History window.
  6. In Learning mode, Help can be clicked to show why a particular solution exists for a cell.

Making Mistakes

We all make mistakes and Daisy Sudoku has three ways of dealing with them :-

  • Use the backspace key to delete the last cell value if you trped the wrong character.
  • Use the Go Back One button to remove the last value entered.
  • Double-click the entry in the History window to go back to that point.

It is also a good idea to save the puzzle after you have entered the fixed cells.