Daisy AnalysisMultiple Browser - Legal

I have been married to a barrister for a long time and our middle son is a solicitor. Add that many of our friends and acquaintances are involved in the legal profession from judges downwards and I have quite a wide view of what lawyers need when it comes to computing.

The Daisy Multiple Browser was not specifically designed with lawyers in mind, but as my involvement in legal computing increases, the program has moved to cover many of their needs :-

  • Fraud

    Increasingly the Internet is becoming a haven for crooks and fraudsters, who are passing off goods and services as legal and genuine, when they are actually fake and worthless.

    Because the Daisy Multiple Browser, when used in conjunction with Google, can document the fraudulent sites, it can be a powerful tool in the tracking of fraud.

  • Intellectual Property or IPR

    When your logo, words or product specification are used in violation of your copyrights, then these infringements can be documented.

  • Checking People, Companies and Organisations

    The Internet is a powerful resource for checking that everybody is what they say they are. But many of the sites, that perhaps tell the truth about an individual or a company are difficult to print with a normal browser.

  • Printing Clean Documents

    Because the Daisy Multiple Browser has the ability to print clean copies of web pages, you can use ordinary web pages for forms and simple advice.

All of these applications are based on the ability of the Daisy Multiple Browser to capture, print and document web pages.

A Documenting Browser

The technology used in the Daisy Multiple Browser can be easily expanded to that required for a browser that will fully document a web page, print it, store it in a database and then add it to a company Intranet.

This has been done for a couple of customers on a bespoke basis, as both requirements were different and slightly diverse.

If you need a specialist browser, then please contact us.