Daisy AnalysisMultiple Browser - Monitor

The Daisy Multiple Browser was originally written to watch the odds offered by competitors of a firm of bookmakers. Each page was set to refresh every two minutes or so and as they refreshed they were displayed.

Nothing much has changed in that this simple application still comprises the major use of the program. Users include day traders, gamers, gamblers, stock market analysts, eBay users and anybody else who wants to watch several pages at once.

New developments for 2006 that help this application include :-

  • Cloning means that web pages can be saved for comparison purposes or viewing and printing at leisure. This is especially useful, where a page changes frequently.

  • Printing has been improved, so that clean web pages can be printed for documentary purposes. As this uses Internet Explorer to do the printing, the layout is exactly the same, except that backgrounds, headers and footers and the number of copies can be set as required.

  • Capturing allows web pages to be copied into documents and other programming systems. The copy is as a bitmap so it is a standard Windows form that is acceptable to nearly all programs.

  • The capture also allows web pages to be printed even if they are too wide for the printer. The pages are printed using a bitmap and have the same quality as the screen, which is always slightly less than the best printers.

  • The 2006 version also allows up to fifteen browser windows, so more web pages can be watched.

One thing that has changed in the use is the size of displays used. Several users set the program so that four pages are displayed in quadrants of a very large screen.

Typical Use

Many of the users of the Daisy Multiple Browser preload several windows to the pages they monitor the most. Appropriate refresh times and strategies are set.

They also set the program to run, when they start their computer.