Daisy AnalysisMultiple Browser - Research

The Daisy Multiple Browser is the ideal research tool.

Take the example of press cuttings for a company that wants to keep track of what is said about them on the Internet and in the newspapers and magazines that publish there.

Press cuttings - Click for large

Google can be used to search for stories and these can be captured, printed and stored in databases with extra details such as a summary. You can also setup newspapers and magazines that are a rich source of stories as specific browser windows.

Note that the ability of Daisy Multiple Browser to print pages of all sizes is a great help with applications of this type.

This simple scenario can be repeated in many other areas :-

  • Product Research - Search for competitors products and then print.

  • Copyright Infringements - As Google can search for images as well as names, this can be used to search for inappropriate used of your logo, which can then be captured with the Daisy Multiple Browser.

  • Checking Post Codes - Check post codes by typing them into Google.

  • Drawing Maps - Multimap works very well with the program. The capture allows the whole map together with local information to be printed.

  • E-Mail Address Tracking - Often a clue as to what someone does is their e-mail address. Search for it and then print the pages.

Much of this can be done with a normal browser. But they all lack the sophisticated capture to transfer the information to the form you need it.