Daisy AnalysisRefreshing Browser - Register Never
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Lucy says "Please register the software! Or I'll bite you!"

You will unlock the following features of the Refreshing Browser :-

In the Web Tools installed with the Refreshing Browser the following extra features are enabled :-

  • Double Browser - FTP put and get are enabled.

  • Page Pull - This program is enabled.

  • VB Mailer - Profiles can be created to hold common Visual Basic projects to be sent.

  • Web Site Spider - This program can now extract an unlimited number of images and linked pages.

  • Zip Mailer - File masks can be used to select files for e-mailing and profiles can be created to hold common groups to be sent.

If you want to try out the Refreshing Browser and the other programs properly, there is a temporary registration, which gives around 30 days completely free usage of the program.

Obtain Temporary Registration!

If you feel strongly about not paying for anything, may I suggest that you visit the FAST Web Site.