Daisy AnalysisRefreshing Browser - Applications - Information

How does the Chief Executive know the status of his company, computer network or industrial process?

Often a special screen is programmed at great expense. And every time anything changes the system needs reprogramming!

Web pages on the other hand are easily generated and by using the Refreshing Browser with say a ten second refresh, the latest status can be easily shown. The example shows the program being used with the BBC's main News page.

In fact many systems, such as the leading network management system provided by Network Instruments can already generate the pages needed, so why spend a lot of money completing the system.

Note that as all that is needed to display the information is a simple PC with the Refreshing Browser software installed and a network connection, the information can be delivered virtually anywhere.

This simple application of the Refreshing Browser can be used in many ways.

Most are only limited by your imagination.