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The first thing to say is what is meant by a News Feed?

  • A company news service to tell all employees in every location, what is going on.

  • A service run by head office to promote all the latest deals in its shops, stores or other locations. This could be used as a last minute service for a chain of travel agents or a special deals notice board for an electrical chain.

  • Are the visitors to your premises bored? Why not give them a selection of pages to look at?

  • A doctor's surgery could display a series of adverts for various health promotions.

The list is endless.

But why is the Refreshing Browser a better alternative to say a PowerPoint presentation on a special TV feed?

  • As all programming and pages are held remotely, the control of content can be the responsibility of a central team or just one person.

  • Suppose a page is needed to be added quickly, all that needs to be done is to program the page, update the script and the remote computers will automatically change their displays.

  • When the computer is started, the Refreshing Browser can be set to start automatically on a script file held over the Internet.

  • Restarts, which may occasionally be necessary, only require a reboot of the computer and no special skills.

  • As the number of page reads can be easily assesed using standard Internet software, it is possible to see how many times each of the adverts on the system are displayed.

But the main advantage is that all the system needs is a PC running Windows and a broadband connection, so costs are greatly reduced.