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Look at the simple page of Daisy News that has been mocked up below. Any relevance to any real people or companies is totally an accident!

The screen has been sized to 800 x 600 pixels to give a good resolution for this web site, but any size could be chosen to fit with a specific application.

This type of site could easily be setup by any news organisation from the BBC, The Times, The Telegraph or any of many reputable news sources.

In this example, there is only one page, but it would be very easy to have say several pages, with perhaps one for news, one for sport and one for business.

Each would be given say twenty seconds and everything would be controlled by a script file. Note the blue control panel in the bottom left. In a real application, this could be set to a colour that hid it completely.

Why shouldn't the web pages be interspersed with advertising?

All it would need would be to mix the pages with an appropriate call to a server that would display an advert and create a charge for the client.

Imagine a system such as this in your local coffee shop!