Daisy AnalysisHow Can I Print Wide Web Pages?

When many web pages are printed the right hand side gets chopped off. A typical page with this problem and the full page are shown.

Wide Page Printed by Internet Explorers

Wide Page Printed by Internet Explorer

   Wide Page Printed Correctly

Wide Page Printed Correctly

Note that the in the second print, the page has been scaled to fit and that the colours in the page printed by Internet Explorer are sometimes not correct.

The second page has been printed using either the Daisy Multiple or Presentation Browsers

Everytime you print using the Print button in either program, a dialog appears which allows you to choose the printing method.

Select Use an Image Copy of Web Page and a sizable dialog is used to select what is printed. This image is then printed or copied to the clipboard for transfer to another program, such as Microsoft Word or Powerpoint.

Which program should I use?

Both are downloaded in the Daisy Web Tools. You will need a temporary registration, which will give you free access for upwards of 30 days.