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To connect to the Internet you need three things :-

  1. A suitable computer of reasonable power with an attached modem and preferably a CD-ROM and a higher-resolution screen.
  2. A connection to an Internet Service Provider.
  3. Software to send and receive E-Mails, surf the WWW and create your own Web Site.

The most important is the choice of Internet Service Provider and the most important word is Service. Many ISP's do not offer a service in at anyway acceptable level.

Just as when you buy a car, always take a test drive and read all the specialist magazines. Many ISP's will give you a 30-day absolutely free trial.

See Choosing an Internet Service Provider, which gives extra information.


E-Mail is the most important thing you will use over the Internet and you should check it out fully before you actually pay any money to the ISP. Was the E-Mail system easy to use? Is the name they have given you easy to remember? How was the response? (It should almost be instant!)

See Tests in Choosing an Internet Service Provider.

One point to note, is that if you are a person who is always on the move, and you only want to read simpler E-Mails, you might like to use hotmail to send and receive your E-Mails. hotmail will cost you nothing, provided you are registered with an ISP.

Web Sites

On most ISP's it is very easy to set up a personal Web Site.

Check the ISP's Web Site to see how you can do it. If you can't understand it, then perhaps you should try another ISP.

See How This Web Site was Created for more information on setting up a Web Site.