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Although this applies to Office 97, it can equally be applied to later versions of that software, such as Office 2000, and to other word processors and HTML Editors.

In no particular order the following might prove useful if you are creating Web Pages :-
All Web Pages are stored as html files. Word 97 will convert any document to this format.
Index Page 
The first page should always be called index.html, so that web browsers will open your site correctly.
Home Page 
Don't make the Index Page and the Home Page the same. Note how this site has been designed this way, so that if you need to move or sub-divide the site, you don't have to change the reference to the home page.
Storing Pages 
Always keep all of the Web Pages and their associated bitmaps in one directory, with no extra files. Thus you can just transfer everything to the Web Site to create it.
You can do most of the testing of the new Web Site directly in Word 97. Just click on the various hyperlinks and you go to the next page.
Create all hyperlinks directly using Word 97. The browsing capability for Web Pages is very good, but you can have slight problems editing links, until you get the mouse actions perfect!
The two most common browsers, Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, tend to interpret Web Pages differently, so that you may have to experiment to get a layout that works best with every browser.

Unfortunately, you still have to make Web Pages work with both browsers.

Stealing Pages 
Feel free to steal any of these Web Pages and modify them for your own purposes. You can actually open them with Word 97 and save them on your hard disc.
A lot of pages on this Web Site have been developed using tables. Word 97 makes it easy to write them.

Note that cells in tables have to have their fonts defined to work successfully in Netscape Navigator.

Web Pages like all of their pictures as .gif or .jpg. I always create the picture file with a sensible name and then insert that directly into the page using Word 97.

If you let Word 97 do the conversion, it gives the file a name like image4.gif, which makes it more difficult to manage.

Creating Bitmaps 
Take the bitmap at the top of this page, which return you to Daisy Analysis. This was created using Paint and then converted to .gif using the Microsoft Photo Editor.

You might also like to look at bmpGalore, which can be used to create families of bitmap files. The program was created by Daisy Analysis.

Microsoft Photo Editor 
A very useful program that comes with Microsoft Office 97. In this Web Site it was also used to create transparent areas in logo bitmaps.