Daisy AnalysisAutoBackup/FTP - FTP

The Auto Backup/FTP transfers data to an FTP site in exactly the same way as it creates a backup on another drive. Use it :-

  • To upload your new web site, once each day.
  • Put copies of those important documents, you might want to access from anywhere in the world, on a passworded FTP site.
  • Backup your home computer to a secure area on the office server.

Note that all transfers can be performed against a cache directory. This holds a copy of the last file transferred and no transfer is made if the two files are identical, thus cutting Internet traffic.

In addition to doing timed FTP transfers to a web site, the Auto Backup/FTP has also been designed to do manage an FTP site.

Just select the profile and then click Direct FTP....

Shown is the directory for this web site. Just click the appropriate button for each action.