Daisy AnalysisAutoBackup/FTP - Laptops

If you have a laptop or notebook computer, then you need to be much more careful with your backing up! They get nicked, dropped and left on trains and in taxis!

If the laptop is connected to a network, say in your office during the day, then all you need to do is run the Auto Backup/FTP at a suitable time.

If it happens to be your only computer, then it is recommended that you use an external hard drive connected to a USB point. This will give you pretty good security, especially as most laptops now have a CD-ROM drive that can write discs.

Auto Backup/FTP - Laptop SetupAn Ideal Setup for a Laptop

Shown is a typical control setup for a laptop that is not connected to a network all the time.

Note how the two settings Run Profiles Immediately and Stop After One Run have been checked. This means that when Start is clicked all selected profiles will be run immediately. The program will then stop.

If Exit After Stop is checked, then the program will exit immediately.

More run options can also be set using the appropriate button.

Note that if you have only one profile, then you can use Quick Run. This just runs the current profile once.