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You will note that most of the transactions listed have a related set of accounts or customers.

To some like banks, these are long term and have a relationship that lasts many years. On the other hand, with something like a hospital, hopefully patients will only have a short stay.

The principles for all accounts or customers are always the same.

Simple analyses of the accounts can be performed with Daisy using stored templates to ascertain various aggregations and factors that are important to the system.

These templates would be specially tailored for the application.

However Daisy Analysis also has specialist software that can profile an account with respect to :-

  • Frequency of Use
  • Activity with Date and Time
  • Traffic - Cumulative and Direction
  • Trends and Derivatives
Account or customers profiles can be applied to any transaction log.

These profiles are powerful tools in examining how your business performs and how it relates to your customers and other resources.