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Listed are some systems that create simple transactions logs :-

  • Banking - Risks, loans, suspect transactions
  • Bookmaking - Just banking with different rules!
  • Criminal Records - Offences, history and sentencing
  • E-Commerce - Both sales transactions and those for credit cards
  • Insurance - Personal, general and all sorts of policies
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmacy - Controlling of drugs in a hospital
  • Stock Control - Ins and outs of the store
  • Telecommunications - Monitoring of calls and accounts

  • Virtually anything else!
Daisy can be used to analyse these type of systems, to produce aggregations of the transactions and the links between such factors as accounts, products and transaction dates and values.

But Daisy Analysis can take the processing a lot further :-

Everything is then wrapped in a Windows and Internet environment, so that the maximum benefit is obtained from the analysis, with the minimum amount of hassle on the part of the user.