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Daisy and Daisy Charts live for the analysis of relationships!

Click for a Description of a Daisy Chart!

In addition to being able to link a particular field in the transaction log to another, Daisy can also link fields after processing them with a filter or mapping.

These include :-

  • Dates such as June 16, 2001 as Day of the Week, Month, Year etc.

  • Times such as 16:23 as Hour, Minute, AM/PM etc.

  • Numerics such as 123.21 as Integer, Thousands, First Digit etc.

  • Text such as James Miller as First Name, Last Name, Post Code etc.

Daisy has nearly 100 different mappings.

Click for a Full Description of Mapping and Mapping Fields!

However, when analysing transactions, it is sometimes necessary to perform special analyses of relationships between various values in the database.

Consider the analysis of the transactions in a bank with respect to the detection of possible illegal movements of funds. Here, all transfers in a particular account must be checked with respect to :-

  • Blacklisted countries - We can all name a few! Unusual currencies
  • Suspect individuals - Likewise!
  • External accounts held at other Banks
  • Accounts within the Bank
This analysis is quite complex and cannot be performed directly in Daisy without some form of pre-processing.

However, Daisy Analysis have developed the techniques to perform this analysis, quickly and efficiently.